E-Design is a design option offered by SouthernComfort Interiors that gives clients locally and across the world the opportunity to retain our services.

No matter if you’re revamping your existing interior or doing a complete remodel of your space, SouthernComfort Interiors can provide you with the necessary tools to make your space a reality.

Services include, but aren’t limited to: Interior Selections, Space Planning, Architectural Detailing and Custom Built-ins, Color Scheme and Paint Selections, Kitchen and Bathroom Design, Accessory and Furniture Specification, Real Estate Staging, and we can even help you locate a local Architect and Contractor or work in conjunction with the one you already have on board. It’s 100% customizable to your design needs + budget.

SouthernComfort Interiors will utilize email and/or Skype to work with you to create a space you will be able to enjoy for years to come. Our Design Director, Cara German, will put her personal touch on every project. Starting with our Inspiration Starter Boards all the way to our Full-Service Boards, which includes your custom vision board, complete shopping list, floor plan, installation notes and face-to-face Skype communication. All you need is access to a computer to take advantage of my EDesign services.


1. No time constraints. The space can come together at your pace. Whether you want to execute the room(s) overnight or take 2 years from start to finish, the room(s) can evolve as you’d like. Once your plan is complete, it’s in your hands. You decide whether to move forward with the exact suggestions or use them as inspiration to find something else. You’re in control.

2. It’s laidback + comfortable + unintimidating. Once we correspond via email, you send pictures + dimensions of the room(s) you want to work on, at your convenience. No cleaning or making sure every space is ‘perfect’. No need to schedule an appointment. No need to be home at a certain time.

3. It’s affordable Working with a designer, is often thought to be very costly and only for those with huge budgets, but that isn’t always true. When working with me, you will get the expertise of an educated, professional Interior Designer in a very affordable way. I do the legwork and research to create a one-of-a-kind room and you simply need to execute and wait for the deliveries!


Despite time, distance, and budgetary restraints, the E-Design services provided by SouthernComfort Interiors are ideal for large or small residential projects and lightcommercial projects. E-Design Services are ideal for anyone who would needs inspiration or specific direction to design one room or multiple rooms.


1. Inspiration Starter – Starting At $279

About: This service includes information for a client that needs a point-in-the-rightdirection. Someone that needs an Inspiration Starter on color and ideas for a new interior space.

Design will include:

  • Initial Consultation via email. Complete the questionnaire that corresponds to your project type and we will reach out to get the process started.
  • Creative Vision Board with inspirational images (no direct resources will be provided)
  • Suggestions and direction on implementing the design and getting the most out of your Creative Vision Board i.e. retailers to shop or possible repurposing of existing furniture.

Perfect for: Those who are starting a room from scratch and/or with a few pieces, and who need a push in the right direction. With this service, your Inspiration Starter will inspire you to find the perfect pieces to that fit your style and needs.

2. Full-Service Boards – Starting At $789

About: This service includes everything needed from start to finish to put together a complete space.

Design will include:

  • Initial Consultation via email. Complete the questionnaire that corresponds to your project type and we will reach out to get the process started.
  • -SouthernComfort Interiors will then schedule an up-to 1 hour face-to-face Skype call so we can really dive into the details.
  • Creative Vision Board
  • A furniture floor plan
  • Room elevation(s) (if necessary for wall treatment / wall decor placement)
  • Furniture and Fabric selections / suggestions
  • Accessory selections / suggestions
  • Suggestions for repurposing existing furniture
  • Suggestions for DIY projects
  • Product Resource Shopping List (in excel with direct links to online sources)
  • Design implementation with complete directions on “what goes where”
  • – A budget / cost list
  • Excel file with direct link to product (this makes it so easy for ordering)

What I will need from you:

  • – Photos of each wall of your room(s) – be sure to step back enough so I can see the full wall including the floor and ceiling
  • Overall Room Measurements including door and window placement – Need Tips on Measuring a Room? Click here
  • Measurements of furniture to remain in the space
  • Inspirational images or links, which will help me create a vision for your interior needs.
  • Your budget

When We Design Multiple Rooms, You Save!

Perfect for: Those who need / want full design direction with specific resources to execute a room from start to finish to create a stunning interior space. All that is left to do is order the furniture and put it in place!

3. One-Question Consult - $50

About: Ask me one design-related question and you’ll receive a thorough, comprehensive response back. This service is for those clients that have a single question about a specific detail in a space..

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Choosing a new paint color
  • Resourcing an item
  • Suggestions for repurposing / revamping a piece of furniture
  • Space planning / furniture arranging

How it works: Email me your question @ We will invoice you $50 via paypal. Once the payment is received, you will receive an email response within 24-48hrs with our expert design advice and/or links to visuals to help solve your question.

Perfect for: Those clients who are on a limited budget and need a little direction for their space. This is a great way to get the expert advice of a Professional Designer.

4. Hourly / Skype Chat - $75/hr

About: When in need of design direction for one space or multiple spaces for your home, hourly is the way to go. Want to give me a tour of your home room-by-room so I can suggest where things should be moved and/or what to do? Then let’s skype and explore different design options! The hour is yours!

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Suggestions for repurposing / revamping a piece of furniture
  • Suggestions for DIY projects
  • Space planning / furniture arranging

How it works: Complete the questionnaire that corresponds to your project type and we will reach out to get the process started. Make sure to complete your questionnaire with as much detail as possible so we can make the most of your hour. We’ll set a time to Skype face-to-face and those dilemmas will be worked out in no time!

Perfect for: Those whose space is almost there, but are having a few design hiccups.